Friday, July 28, 2006



The basics about catfight

The term "catfight" is ambiguous; actually, any female fight might be named by it (and sometimes are). In fact, catfight is also the essence of men's fantasies about female combat embodied in dramatization taking place in accordance with specific men's concept about what is femininity and female character. We don’t adhere to a supercilious opinion toward female combative activity. Being closely acquainted with such ladies as Bridget Riley, Shannon Logan, Nikola Hartmann, Erin Toughill and many more strong skillful female combatants, we consider using the term catfight with respect to real women's combat activities as totally inappropriate and even offensive. However, in order to follow the conventional terms, as a reasonable compromise, we consider a female fight or it's imitation as catfighting only if participants widely use so-called "female fighting techniques" (illegal in combative sports), such as scratching, hairpulling, spanking, breast mauling, stripping, etc.

Since these "techniques" are often considered as erotic manifestation of a naturally feminine behavior, catfight imitation became exceptionally popular spectacle spreading worldwide through video, photographs and movies. In fact, such "techniques" characterize just unskilfulness of the brawlers. Once two brawling women use holds, throws or punches such a fight unlikely would be called catfighting. Nonetheless, quite real (but with erotic flavor) no hold barred fights in California were called extreme catfighting

Classic catfight usually accompanies by yelps and curses of participants. Actions might vary from "peep-screech-slapping" to passionate skirmish with scratching to bleeding. Somewhere in the middle - rolling over the floor, lying on the table, on the bed, in water, in sand but almost always at the end you will see stripped opponents - that is the tradition of the genre. Many exotic roles have been devised for representatives of the so-called "weak" gender: catfight of two naked ladies on a tree branch is drawn on the well-known painting by Boris Vallejo; numerous pictures and cartoons show attacks against opponents’ breasts and sexual organs. All the same, sadistic elements definitely exist in those images. Various fantasies regarding this topic are widespread now (fantasy catfights) including imaginary catfights between female celebrities.

In fact, the old classical catfighting (apartment wrestling) was mostly a genre of photography depicting attractive sexy ladies elegantly dressed (or elegantly undressed) who were engaged in an erotic light "physical clash". The history of this genre is described in the illustrated book "Exquisite Mayhem" - The Spectacular and Erotic World of Female Wrestling."

Catfight has also recently been experiencing a boom in the form of payable entertainment teleshows. There are many different forms that now exist. Catfightings media displays forms from the more recent extreme catfight aspect, in which punching and kicking are included with the stereotypical array of woman fight tactics, such as scratching and the pulling of hair. Such stereotypical "impromptu" catfights being a result of the "anger" of female participants' are frequently included in television talk shows, lsuch as daytime "The Jerry Springer Show" in the States and "Windows" by Dmitry Nagiev in Russia. One of the highest profile catfights on USA television has been Miller Lite's racy Catfight commercials in 2002, which were derided by many as sexist. The careers of both actresses in the commercial, Kitana Baker and Tanya Ballinger, enjoyed a major boost.

Favorite catfight topics are the following: secretary "battle", nurse battle, fiancee "battle", schoolgirl "battle", fat babe "battle", stacked babes "battle", dressed up lady "battle", party "battle", bedroom "battle", street "battle", bar "battle", "battle" in a car or next to it, drunk girls "battle", " prostitutes battle", etc. The most of "apartment wrestling" scenes belong to this genre as well. Like the other female combat form (both real and pseudo), catfighting is popular among Lesbians (there is a video cassette "Lesbian catfighting").

Some catfighting forms became steady separate genres of "entertaining female combat" and began to live their own life. The following ones should be mentioned: apartment wrestling, hairpulling and stare down duels.

It should be mentioned that even real combative women are sometimes involved in catfight style bouts. That’s what famous Barbara "The Doctor" states in her article and. Some clubs like British Catz Club UK practice tough fights in catfighting style. The following techniques are allowed in the club:

- Verbal insults;

- Stripping to underwear;

- Slapping (open hand);

- Breast mauling;

- Hair pulling;

- Wedgies;

- Grappling;

- Standart catfight

Additional techniques (by an agreement):

- Stripping topless;

- Punching to body (gloved);

- Punching to body (bare fist);

- Punching to head (gloved);

- Punching to head (bare fist).

If you have watched countless numbers of catfighting websites, it would turn out that the most of them - unconcealed erotica and pornography even not diluting by any contests. Search engines almost always classify web pages found by key word "catfighting" as "adult material".

Many websites, which contain competitive events, represent female fights in the most erotic form being probably the best match for men’s imagination. Catfight is the most outspoken reflection of the common phenomenon (fetish) – "desire for female fight". If you went through all that stuff on WEB sites, videocassettes and movies, you might conclude that fighting is a primary form of women's activity in the world. Book covers and video boxes are filled with pictures of combative women (with or without weapon).

In the real life, however, a female fight is a quite unusual event. Spreading images of female fights with exaggerate eroticism in millions of copies is a valuable source for psychologists. Perhaps, it might be explained by needs in critical and exotic sensations as well as by erotic fantasies initiated by watching female catfights, which are imagined as "natural women’s contests".

Well, this is it for now about catfight.

Ah, by the way for some real catfight action you can visit this catfight site